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Arriving back in Australia, I have missed flag raising ceremony at the Indian consulate and the India Day Fair had been held on the Sunday before. I left Bhopal on the 13th.

I am very aware it is time to get real about myself, to become self reliant.

Awareness can flower through contradictions and controversy: to  transform and need to belong, be reborn or to belong, to enjoy the aesthetics of life, or to face my shadow and regenerate a new life all together.

As if his feelings and sensitivity were confronted by some intuitive original urge to tear apart and expose my mind games.

A new life, like the new moon. I Need to find the truth in myself, if i don’t find it, if I don’t transform,  life will challenge me. The next two years are about what i want to accomplish in life. Life is asking how I truly feel about my relationships.

I need to  organize my ambition, to transform to an ambition for integrity.

I have been chasing love of Advity. Sex is power or sex to empower? Atleast thats the male mantra. Let me transform the distortions of sex to sacred sex. Let me tap the Collective unconscious, face the challenge to my true self, because my intuitive grasp at freedom is wanting to rip me open for transformation.

The Urge to Dream is once again yearning for unity of soul in the divine love, and the dream of this poet.

I see the next two years like an autumn leaf, of past karma I must repay with compassion. I must stop hoisting my opinion on others and learn the art of cooperation. Then I may shine before others with dignity and maturity.