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Today a camel walked down my drive way. A stray camel, perhaps lost from one of the moving herders from Rajasthan.

Either way it sauntered in but finding a dead end down one of the colonies streets splayed is legs apart, tail swishing nervously, as I negotiated around it to direct it outside.
It angry glare over a shoulder reminded me to keep from kicking range. A deep gurgling as it threw out its dulla, a hollow throat sac it throws out in a display of male dominance, It’s stinky and rather ghastly sounding. Again strutting off  he turns, deeper into the colony, and lunched on a neighbours roses before I maneuvered it to the exit. Then, strutting out  a dog finally decided to try and appear heroic.

So I am reflecting how beautiful it is that Madhya Pradesh has so many Tribal’s and that  the shepherds, parked just around the corner of my home, can roam free through the capital city of Bhopal.

Yes, it can be a pain when a herd blocks the road, or a railway crossing, but it is beautiful. Beautiful because nature is still at your doorstep.

Then, a I cycle off to  buy milk, that all this is threatened. Where the shepherds parked only  last week, there is now a dirty big hole: foundations for yet another society building ripping up good farmland. At least corn still grows opposite. The shepherds ae there but shunted off into the distance.

Unfortunately, owners of rental farmland make better money from the disease of urban sprawl.

Cornered, he turns his back on me, twitching his tail and dominantly spewing his dulla.