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Source: Runawayguide.com

I admit I am not into Hookah bars, as it is I don’t smoke. Some of my female business clients had even tainted Agrabah with a reputation of skimpily dressed girls in harem pants.

Now I live only a block away, and just to say I have done it, I entered the Hookah bar. No, there was no harem, in fact not a girl in sight, but up two floors of marble stairs, bordered by yellow rope in place or railings, I found what was effectively a sports bar with wide screen TV set to the latest innings of IPL. A few were smoking and only later was a hookah  set up on a table nearby.

Open toward the street, thatch cane ceilings and subdued hanging lights, the menu promises food delivered to the table in 15 to 20 minutes. The Green salad arrived on time, the delightfully smokey Paneer Seekh (120 rupee) was a little late, but only just.  It was delicious and worth the wait.

Other items include snacks from 60 to 100 rupee or Tandoori Chicken which looked delicious for the non vegetarian. Eight pieces cost 330 rupee, 4 pieces 180. The Green salad was nice but from a a  Australian perspective lacked many greens, being mostly cucumber, grated carrot, and onion but this is very common in India. I am used to lettuce!

For a vegetarian country I often feel Indians don’t eat enough vege’s!

So what was all the fuss about? It seems in my naive ignorance, hookah bars are often the place to get high. I did think looking on that they may make a good bong.

But then I wouldn’t know, I have never even indulged in a cigarette – it all seems such a waste of money! – and the thought of drugs repels me.

Perhaps next time I will need to be careful?