About Me

Nashik, Maharashtra

Nashik, Maharashtra

I was determined to reach India – and two weeks out from being out of a rental, still determined I would be in the sub continent within months. The Universe provided my opportunity.

My vision realized I have  been between two continents ever since.

Every thought conveys an idea. Out thoughts convey a deeper pregnancy of meaning than is usually understood. Reflections of Indiais an attempt to reveal the authentic India I am discovering  – its beauty, challenges and insights -beneath her glitter, behind her dancing and in the shadows.

Some of my views may offend some, for which I request forgiveness.  I respect everyone’s right to chose their own path or religion and this implies  the right of others to differ from me or others.  Differences also imply the right to express why I disagree, especially if based fj honest thought, or a recognition of when my knowledge is limited, feeling coloured  or because I am a little miffed.

The differences of upbringing embed in us gut level joy and discomforts that at times are challenged by different peoples and places.  Responses are at first reflexive  requiring time to see a greater picture.

Which is why this blog is called Reflections of India: India has taught me life is an equivocation of opposites. Cultural strengths taken to excess become weaknesses, and a weakness for one is an opportunity for another.  There is equal ‘good’ as ‘bad’ – cultures and leaders have a tendency to focus minds in  a way that defuses awareness away from equal but opposite  opinions.

India confronts you. The heaving mass of humanity never seems to release its grip on you.  From travel, I am more understanding of disaffected visitors to my home country of Australia.  Travel – especially long term – has its own way of forcing you to face your weaknesses.

I hope you find me honest and fair, whether you agree or disagree.


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